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TravelShare FAQ
**There is currently pending a class action lawsuit against Wyndham regarding the legality of the TravelShare program. Please be an informed consumer if you are considering buying into this program**

Q. What is TravelShare?
A. TravelShare is a program offered by Trendwest/Wyndham offering ancillary benefits separate from your Worldmark ownership.

Q. What are those benefits?
The biggest benefits of this program are the ability to book bonus time (called Fun Time in TravelShare) further in advance than the typical 14 days.  Another benefit is that the RCI membership is included. Other ancillary benefits include free movie rentals and use of certain hotels and affiliate resorts.

Q. What does it cost to join?
A. TravelShare dues are figured at a $50 base rate and $4 per 1,000 credits. 6,000 credits would cost an additional $74 in dues each year. In addition, the fun time rate increases to .06 per credit compared to .044 for bonus time.

Q. Are TravelShare benefits transferable if I decide to sell?
No, unless you transfer the membership to an immediate family member, the benefits are lost upon sale

Q. Can TravelShare benefits be changed or revoked?
A. Yes, unlike Worldmark benefits that are controlled by the Worldmark Owners Board of Directors, the TravelShare benefits can be modified or terminated at any time without warning. Since this is a benefit offered by Trendwest/Wyndham, the Owners have no control of this program. There is currently a class action lawsuit pending regarding the legality of this program which may alter the terms and conditions as well as the existence of this program.

Q. Should I join TravelShare?
A. TravelShare is a voluntary program. You can join RCI separately from the TravelShare program at any time regardless of your membership in TravelShare. In addition, ALL Worldmark benefits are available to you regardless as well.

Q. Are the benefits worth the cost compared to a re-sale?
A. TravelShare is only available if purchased directly from Wyndham. The difference in price of a re-sale versus retail membership can be upwards of $5000 depending on the size of membership purchased. Based on the higher incremental cost of dues and the initial buy in, the benefits do not appear to outweigh the costs. A re-sale membership is generally priced at 50% of the cost of one offered through Trendwest/Wyndham. Consider this: you can buy twice the number of re-sale credits compared to the cost of TravelShare and use those to book up to 13 months in advance. Compare this to having half the number of credits and only being able to use them an additional 2 weeks in advance. Please check our  inventory page for current listings.

Q. OK, so what's the bottom line?
A. In our opinion, the
TravelShare program can not possibly offer enough benefit given the cost considering:

  • Maintenance Dues and Bonus Time fees are higher

  • Benefits can be revoked or cancelled without warning at any time

  • Retail membership prices are nearly double the re-sale cost

  • Benefits are not transferable unless sold to family

If you are buying your membership to enjoy Worldmark Resorts, you will likely never benefit from TravelShare.

Q. How can I get more information on this program?
 A. Please send us an email and we will be happy to provide all of the program details so you can make an informed decision.

Q. Can I talk to you in person about this program?
Yes!! We have been owner's since 1999 and are happy to answer any questions about this program or the Club in general. We can be reached at 949-709-0891 until 10pm Pacific 7 days/week


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