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Peak season reservations can be hard to come by. If you are making bonus time reservations, try 14 days exactly prior to your desired date. Be flexible on your destination. If the desired location(s) are full, wait 2 days and try again. The cancellation rate is fairly high and if you keep calling, you increase your odds.    

To use weekend only bonus time more than once per quarter, you can book either a Thursday or Sunday night which makes the entire reservation not considered "weekend only"

If you are making reservations using credits and your desired location is booked, the best time to call back is 14 days and /or 48 hours before you intend on arriving . These are the deadlines for cancellations without penalty and your best odds of finding an opening.

If you are using bonus time 48 hours in advance, call reservations the afternoon prior to the 48 hours and check availability. If your location has openings, call at 8:00 am the next morning and reserve it. This way you have an idea of which areas may be available.

If you find yourself with 2 years of credits "in the bank" and your anniversary date coming up, make a reservation up to 13 months in the future to prevent the loss of credits. You can always change the reservation later and save the credits. This can save you the cost of banking with RCI or II as well.

More to come.......please check back !!

Maximize your Worldmark Club membership by Wyndham time share Resorts using the above mentioned tips & tricks.



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