Worldmark Trendwest
Worldmark Trendwest

Selling your Worldmark by Trendwest-Wyndham resorts membership through VCU is a very simple process. It typically only involves ordering a transfer package from Trendwest-Wyndham resorts, filling out and signing the documents, having them notarized, and returning them. VCU will post your Worldmark club membership FREE of charge and guarantee the price quoted in your bid offer filled out below upon sale.

The advantages of selling Worldmark and Wyndham Trendwest resorts packages through VCU are:

  • You no longer have to hassle with costly advertising. 
  • Your payment is sent the same day the membership sale is completed.
  • Guaranteed sale price.
  • We can sell only a portion of your Worldmark club membership if you prefer as long as you maintain a minimum of 5,000 annual credits.

Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none.

To obtain a bid on your Worldmark club by Trendwest Wyndham resorts membership, please fill out the following information, press submit, and we will respond shortly.

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