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Q. Are the Worldmark club memberships purchased through VCU the same as if purchased from the developer or Wyndham ?
A. Absolutely !! These are the same Worldmark "premier" club memberships that are sold through Wyndham time share resorts. I only deal in premier time share club memberships which are perpetual ownership and carry full bonus time benefits.

Q. What about TravelShare benfits?
A. Please click here to read the complete details of this program.

Q. Are Worldmark timeshare membership dues current at the time of purchase?
A. Yes, Wyndham will not transfer a Worldmark timeshare membership unless all dues are current.

Q. Can I purchase additional credits for my current club membership?
A. Yes, you can purchase a second timeshare club membership that can be combined into your existing membership . For example, if you currently own a 6,000 credit membership, you may purchase an 8,000 credit membership and transfer it to your existing account creating a single 14,000 credit membership. You retain your current owner and anniversary for any credits added.

Q. Are all the Worldmark club memberships purchased through VCU "premier" ?
A. Yes, we only deal with premier club memberships which include the bonus time reservations and RCI or II instant exchange benefits.

Q. Can I re-sell a Worldmark timeshare membership purchased through VCU?
A. Yes, all the memberships are perpetual which means they can be transferred or sold forever. 

Q. Why do you only offer Worldmark timeshares?
A. In our opinion , the Worldmark club offers the best value and best locations for the money . They are extremely friendly, easy to work with and very flexible.

Q. How long does the buying process take?
 A. The process
typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

Q. How can I trust VCU?
A. You are not only working with us, but also with the transfer agents at Wyndham. I can assure you that no transfer of money will take place by either party until the agent is involved to ensure everyone's security.


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